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NuMedia is a wholly owned subsidiary of NuMedia Global Inc.  A Nevis Corporation.

Including HD Live TV, All Sports Channels, News Channels, Childrens Channels, Premium Movie Channels, Video On Demand, TV Series and Huge Selection of International Channels For Everyone!

Rated 5 STARS


NuMedia allows you to enjoy unlimited full range of live TV and streaming media on you’re Smart  TV, Computers (PC & Mac), all Internet Connected Tablets and iPad’s, Android powered devices as well as Smart Phones...worldwide.

HDTV Channels


NuMedia is a more convenient and cost effective way to watch live HDTV and all your favorite premium channels

How Do I Use NuMedia?

You simply download the NuMedia TV app on your Android media player like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Mobile phone or Chromebook computer.

Simply click to open the NuMedia app and enter your activation username and password code during initial setup.


Choose LIVE TV from the main menu.

Your NuMedia LIVE TV offers you over 4,000 national and international channels for your whole family.


You can simply go through all the categories and channels to highlight your favorites.  Simply save them in your Favorite category to simplify your choices.  

Your NuMedia also offers you channel navigation just like your current cable provider.


Our Extended Programing Guide (EPG) give you simple access and control over all your current and coming shows... just like your current cable company.



NUmedia doesn’t cost... It pays!



Video On Demand

900 TV Series